lyle.jpgMERNER Lyle Dennis, 13 January 1968 to 29 December 2007

It is with deep sadness we announce the loss of our HERO after a courageous two year battle with ALS. Lyle lived life to the fullest and touched the lives of those around him with his kind and generous nature. He is survived by his wife and soul mate, Gaby Merner, step-children Omar, Danny, and Monica, and their little 4 year old son, Ethan. He is also survived by his father Dennis Merner, his mother Barb Berthelet (Roger), his sister Susan Darrah (Sean), his niece and nephew Courtney and Cody, his grandfather Allan Waugh and his great-aunt Alice Tynan. As well, Lyle leaves behind many special relatives and friends that played a positive role in the fulfilment of his life. Lyle was born in Burnaby B.C. and raised in Langley. He was last residing in Richmond with Gaby and their children. Lyle was employed since 1991 with The Portables in Richmond, B.C. and he wore many hats. His passion for his work led him to the title of Director of Research and Development. When his illness prevented him from working further, he took a typically pro-active approach and became a board member of the ALS society of British Columbia, and participated in interviews and community runs to spread awareness and encourage research into ALS. The family will be having a private gathering. If you would like to express your condolences please post them here on Lyle’s blog. Your thoughts and caring comments are welcome. HE IS OUR HERO!!!! In lieu of flowers, donations to a trust fund set up for Lyle and Gaby’s son, Ethan, would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made at any TD Canada Trust branch: Ethan Lyle Merner Trust Fund TD Canada Trust Acct 152-6303362


An interview with Lyle Merner and written by Michelle Hopkins appeared over the weekend in the Richmond News:

On the mantel in a Steveston home sits a picture of a grinning father, proudly holding his young son. Lyle Merner remembers that day well because his wife, Gabriela, made him stop on the side of the highway so she could take a picture of the pair next to a running creek.

Little did Merner know that just a few months later, the joy he had experienced on that occasion would turn into deep sorrow when he was given the devastating news that he had ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that kills the upper and lower motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord.

Today, a year-and-a-half later, Merner is a shadow of his former self. He is dying from one of the cruelest diseases known to mankind. Within six months of his diagnosis, the 39-year-old needed a walker; two months later he was confined to a wheelchair, and a few months ago he became bedridden and now breathes through a ventilator. He suffers from the most aggressive form of ALS, one that shows no mercy.

Today, Merner can only move his right thumb. Read more

Lyle MernerIf you would like to help Lyle Merner raise funds for ALS research, please visit Lyle Merner’s Site 2007 to make a donation. Your contributions and support are forever appreciated.

Lyle was diagnosed with ALS eighteen months ago. Within six months he needed a walker to get around; two months later he was confined to a wheel chair. And just a few month’s ago he became bed ridden. Like many other ALS patients, Lyle lost the use of his legs within the first two years of onset….just like the stats say. Lyle’s condition has progressed very aggressively right from the beginning – leaving no time to adapt to the on-going changes in his mobility and his daily life. This is the worst type of ALS – one that never slows down, or shows any mercy. The worst part of it all – there is nothing we can do to stop it. This is a very sad personal story of a young man in his prime, who’s life is being taken away; and for our family it means losing a wonderful husband and father, brother and son. It is truly the most difficult thing we have ever experienced. Read more

long time…no post.

thanks …one more!!!!

A special thank you posting

I want to post separately and thank some individuals that have been a great help to me and my family. A special thank you to Angela… firstly for taking such good care of me here and in China and for “volunteering” to come to China… the care you have shown has been exceptional. Thank you. And thank you to Angela’s husband Cory for letting her go!!

Thank you to my brother-in-law Sean Darrah for making sure that I arrived safely at the hospital in China.

Thank you to my step-brother Darren Glazier for flying to China to make sure that we safely returned from China.

Thank you to my father Dennis for coming to China and staying through the operation and recovery… it was great to have you there!

A special thank you to my wife, Gabriela, for all the love and support she has given me and for taking such good care of the kids while I was away… YOU ARE MY ROCK !!!!

Home at last

Hello again friends and family… sorry for not posting sooner… I did not mean to worry you.

We have been home now for a week… it is sooooo good to be home. We left China on November 16th… the trip was long, but the food was good…. it was a smooth ride. Before leaving China I had another EMG, which the doctor did say it showed a little improvement. I also had another lung function test which also showed minor improvement. Now we continue the therapies learned and hope that the progression has stopped. I would like to thank each and every one of you that has been there supporting and praying for me, my wife, Gabriela, and our children. Your support and caring has been overwhelming and exceptional. Words can not express my gratitude. Thank you to all!

Lots of love, Lyle

Papa John to the rescue

The italian food was a no go… It was too far and they wanted $42 for delivery.
The good news is we did find pizza from Papa John’s… and it was close enough to make us happy… for two days.

The weekend was relatively quiet and the weather was good enough that Angela and I got to go for a stroll to the market. It is now Monday afternoon, I have already had my visits from the acupuncturist (add 14 needles) and Dr. Pain… after lunch I will have massage therapy and some time on the standing table. Maybe before dinner I will get some time on the power bike.

The weather today is clear and sunny… a beautiful for Darren to arrive with a box of pizza!!

Looking forward to Sean’s tasty pizza,

Lyle and Angela

<< Inset picture of my massage boots >>


Today is Thursday the 9th… Dennis is heading for home, he is clearly sick and tired of China… Lucky him.

I am sure you are all curious as to my progress, things remain the same – little movement in my right hand and a little more strength in my legs… this has not deterred the acupuncturist one bit… add to the needle count 16, 18, and14 for today.

Everyday I still get a visit from massage therapist and spend time on the standing table and on the power bike.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I get to enjoy the company of Dr. Pain… I am sure you must be curious as to how he inflicts pain… it is a very simple bend any joint to its limit and then take is 10% farther…. when the tears start you are there…. “No pain, No gain!!” The only English he seems to know!!! But, he is increasing my range of motion.

The staff here did not take kindly to our fly killing competition, in the middle of the night they erased the score board… and followed up in the morning with the fly strips that we had been asking for…. the nurses win – yeah.

Really, really, really missing home,

Lyle and Angela